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Elevate your game with WHEELS and experience a revolutionary approach to power skating that goes beyond the basics. Skate faster, skate smarter – become the ultimate on-ice force!

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Empowering Your Skating Journey with Unparalleled Expertise

Eddie Evaldi brings a wealth of experience and an unparalleled understanding of the art of power skating. In his youth hockey career, Eddie quickly gained recognition as one of the standout skaters in his age group, securing first-team all-star selections in prestigious tournaments, including the Brick and the Big Apple. Throughout his career, Eddie has showcased an unwavering attention to detail, cultivating a skating IQ and skill set that stand unrivaled. As a highly effective communicator, Eddie goes beyond showcasing his skills – he excels at transferring knowledge and forging connections. His unique approach empowers individuals not only to witness the skill through demonstrations but also to grasp the intricacies, fostering a shared understanding and connection with the art of power skating. He currently coaches the North Jersey Avalanche Bantam Major and Peewee Major teams, 2010 and 2012, respectively.

Eddie Evaldi

Frequently Asked Questions

WHEELS represents a core set of principles that form the foundation of our development approach:

  • W - Weight Transfer: Master weight distribution for power and efficiency, achieving optimal control on the ice.
  • H - Height Control: Achieving precision in height adjustments for enhanced performance.
  • E - Edge Control: Master the art of edges for precise and fluid turns on the ice.
  • E - Extension: Maximize stride length and power with extension techniques, propelling yourself to new speeds.
  • L - Low Center of Gravity: Cultivating stability and agility with a low center of gravity.
  • S - Speed: Pulling it all together with a focus on speed, delivering a well-rounded and dynamic skill set.

Your monthly membership provides exclusive access to comprehensive skating instruction and analysis. Each month includes one 20-minute One-on-One session focused on the skater’s (or student’s) technique using their own Live Barn content, non-cumulative. Members can also book additional 20-minute private Zoom sessions for personalized coaching: $30 per session or $75 for three sessions monthly, non-cumulative, and group sessions at $15 per session. Additionally, enjoy our Skating Mastery Series with instructional videos based on WHEELS fundamentals, Pro Skating Insights with video critiques of professional players, and access to our members-only Discord for direct engagement and updates.

After subscribing, you will receive an email promptly at the address specified during the Stripe payment. This email contains detailed information on accessing our Discord community and provides guidance on how to get started, interact, and make the most of your membership. If you encounter any issues or have further questions, please reach out to our support team.

We highly encourage parent participation in Zoom-based sessions and private sessions, as well as Discord direct message interactions. By actively engaging in your child's learning journey, you not only reinforce their educational experience but also contribute to the safety and security of our community. Your involvement ensures a supportive and monitored environment for everyone.

Absolutely. Each channel is restricted to one-way communication, functioning as a bulletin board where only the principal instructor, Eddie Evaldi, can post content. All inquiries to the instructor will be through direct messaging only, ensuring that your interactions are confidential. This setup promotes a secure learning environment, with messages being exclusively between the instructor and the parent.

For the best experience in your private Zoom session, please fill out the description field on Calendly when scheduling. Include a Live Barn link along with the date and time to ensure a tailored and productive session.

No. You don't need a subscription. During the Zoom calls, the principal instructor, Eddie Evaldi, will share his screen and provide access to relevant Live Barn content.

The principal instructor is set to earn a Bachelor's in Education next year, adding a unique dimension to their ability to communicate and simplify complex skills and topics.

To cancel your membership, simply reach out to the principal instructor by sending a direct message on Discord and making a formal request. Your cancellation process will be handled promptly and efficiently.